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Top crypto exchanges with Ukrainian hryvnia support 2021
Top crypto exchanges with Ukrainian hryvnia support 2021 Earnings from cryptocurrency exchanges have gained popularity all over the world. People make money from buying/selling cryptocurrency, storing money in coins, and making money from investments.
Top Mobile Cryptocurrency Trading Apps 2021
For many people, trading on cryptocurrency exchanges has become an indispensable way to make money. Crypto App is a mobile phone app that you can use to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.
Bitmain gets rid of the largest mining pool Antpool.
The giant for the production of bitcoin mining equipment Bitcoin has almost completed the sale of the Antpool mining pool, the largest by the size of the bitcoin hashrate.
Bitcoin retreated after Amazon denied rumors about accepting cryptocurrency.
The night before, bitcoin (BTC) tested values above $40,000, but the cryptocurrency could not stay at this level.
Expert: Restrictions in China lead to a complete ban on cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin maximalist and Ballet CEO Bobby Lee discussed the consequences of the ongoing persecution of cryptocurrency in China.
61% of American investors discovered cryptocurrency six months ago.
The results of new research have shown that the majority of cryptoinvestors in the United States are new to the digital asset market.
Crypto whales added 270,000 Litecoin to their reserves by $30 million.
Specialists of the Sentiment company, engaged in blockchain analytics, found out that Litecoin (LTC) is experiencing a strong wave of savings on the part of whales, whose wallets have from 1,000 to 100,000 LTC.
Salvadorans opposed the recognition of bitcoin as a means of payment.
At the beginning of the summer, the Parliament of El Salvador made an epoch-making decision, supported the presidential bill on the legalization of bitcoin.
Research: the number of bitcoin investors in the US has tripled since 2018.
Since 2018, the share of bitcoin holders among American investors has tripled - from 2% to 6%. Such calculations are cited by the Gallup Institute of Public Opinion.
Media: JPMorgan has provided an opportunity for clients to invest in five crypto funds.
Back in April, information appeared about the intention of the investment bank JPMorgan to launch a crypto fund focused on bitcoin.
Blockchain Research & NFT Integration: KFC Korea And TriumphX Announce Partnership.
Popular entertainment trading platform TriumphX has announced a partnership with fast food giant KFC Korea.