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Salvadorans opposed the recognition of bitcoin as a means of payment.

At the beginning of the summer, the Parliament of El Salvador made an epoch-making decision, supported the presidential bill on the legalization of bitcoin.

However, society has ambiguously perceived the recognition of cryptocurrency as a legal means of payment. According to the El Mundo news agency, many Salvadorans took to the streets demanding the repeal of the law.

The protesters represented the so-called Popular Resistance bloc. They walked through the streets of San Salvador with posters on which the phrase "No to Bitcoin"was written. The protesters met with members of Parliament Anabel Belloso and Dina Argueta.

The participants of the rally said that the President of El Salvador, Naib Boucle, ignored the opinion of the people and decided to legalize bitcoin without consulting citizens.

In addition, they called on the authorities to pay attention to the volatility of BTC. Investing in cryptocurrency is a kind of lottery, so it is unacceptable to accept it at the state level.

The Popular Resistance Bloc published a letter stating:

Bitcoin will help corrupt officials and traffickers of weapons, drugs and people. It will also cause financial chaos, which will hurt people's salaries, pensions and savings, as well as affect low-income families and entrepreneurs.

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