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BNIX Gold Futures Betconix (BNIXGOLD)


Save and earn.All funds are insured.

Betconix has launched an investment program with a progressive interest rate.

You can read more about the program here.

Non-replaceable Betconix futures tokens BNIX Gold Futures Betconix (BNIXGold).

Interest rate on the investment program:

The procedure for using the investment instrument.

To use the tool, you need to:

1. Have an amount on the spot wallet that is not less than the minimum amount for a particular investment program.

2. You can follow the direct links:

BNIX Gold Futures Betconix (BNIX ) > >

BNIX Gold Futures Betconix (USDT) > >

You can also go to the tab with the investment tool at the link

Select the investment instrument BNIX Gold Futures Betconix or BNIX Silver Futures Betconix, and then click Vote for the project.

3. Through the standard trading terminal, you perform the procedure of freezing tokens on the investment account, through the standard BUY transaction.

Terms of use of the investment instrument BNIX Gold Futures Betconix (BNIXGold):

 Minimum amount of Bnix or Usdt tokens to be frozen in the investment account:

  • When used in the BNIX \ BNIXGold currency pair: 14,000 BNIX.
  • When used in the currency pair USDT \ BNIXGold: 1000 USDT.

The maximum amount of BNIXGold tokens that can be used by a single user:

  • The amount is unchanged in any currency pair of 200 BNIXGold.

Possible term of withdrawal of the deposit without loss of interest:

  • Monthly.

Possible term of withdrawal of the deposit with the loss of interest:

  • "At any time."

The deadline for crediting funds after sending the application.

  • Funds are transferred no later than 24 hours.

The maximum period of use of the investment instrument for one user:

  • After the expiration of 12 months from the date of opening the deposit, the investment account is closed automatically all funds and interest are automatically credited to the user's account.

Maximum number of participants and restrictions:

  • The number of participants is not limited.
  • The maximum amount available to users is 1 000 0000 BNIXGold.

The procedure for withdrawing the deposit.

 To withdraw a full or partial withdrawal of a deposit or to withdraw interest on a deposit, you need to send the data specified below to the email [email protected] (Or use the feedback form)..

EMAIL SUBJECT: Account Closure \ Partial Withdrawal \ Interest payment \ Account status.

THE TEXT OF THE MESSAGE: Your ID Or E-mail, The Amount.

 The duration of the action on the request is from 1 to 24 hours